timetech™ is born out of the belief that we can use time, our most precious and equalising resource, to benefit the world we inhabit. Timetech will change the way we spend this time and how we connect and live more meaningfully with our fellow timesharing members, while making the world a better place to live.

WhitepaperHow It Works

Sustainable Support  

Timetech provides a platform where individuals, charities and corporations can help fractured communities in a sustainable way. Timetech brings volunteerism & corporate social responsibility to a new level of sustainability.

Health and Economic Benefits  

Research has shown, timesharing platforms bring long-term physical and mental health benefits to the eldery and reducing social costs. Timetech’s model is proven and widely supported.

Learn New Skills  

Timetech participants become more attractive to employers by learning or upgrading their skills. Millennials, who may lack work experience, can demonstrate a high level of social capital which is tracked and verified by the timetech platform blockchain technology

The timetech public blockchain will be delivered in three phases based on customer and corporate feedback.

1. The Minimum viable product (MVP) was tested in March 2018 as an Android mobile application, with a set of potential users, MOU partners including CSR’s and Non profit agencies.

Status : Completed – user feedback received and is being incorporated in new UI/UX.  

2. A new UI/UX is under development and the centralised, native IoS, Android and Web version of the application will be completed and launched in October 2018. Smart contracts for conversion of Timetech tokens to Hourtime credits and treasury timetech tokens management are currently under development.

Planned Completion date: October 2018  

3. Once this hybrid product is launched and tested, the Public blockchain application will be developed complete with time transaction smart contacts, published API’s to enable other time exchanges to connect to the public blockchain and to get CSR’s and Non profit agencies to join the Timetech public blockchain.

Planned Completion date: Early 2019



The management team comes from a wide range of sector, service and country experiences. But they all have one thing in common – they all give their time to voluntary causes.