TOKEN: TTEC TTEC is an ERC-20 utility token, the native token of the timetech network. It is the energy that powers the timetech blockchain.


Timetech can be used by a wide range of participants for the following purposes:

  • It is the economic reward for timetech Partners to play their role in creating, expanding and maintaining a timesharing platform.
  • Some Partners in the network may be required to stake timetech in order to become a Super Partner or Ambassador, depending on their level of timesharing activity in their local, national or international community.
  • It can be used by participants as a way of giving or donating hourtime credits to individuals, charities or non-profit agencies through a conversion from timetech to hourtime credits.
  • It can be used to incentivize others to produce content for the network. We wish to encourage and reward content providers who share stories, articles, photos or videos with the community.
  • It is a specific token that will only work on the timetech network when Partners are not connected directly but wish to participate in timesharing activities.


Hourvillage is the genesis project for the timetech platform. As a public blockchain implemented on the Ethereum platform, Hourvillage will establish its own ecosystem of peer-to-peer givers and receivers, enrol charities, non-profit organizations and corporations that wish to be a part of the timesharing economy. The Hourvillage public blockchain platform will maintain the hourtime credits.


We realise that streamlined, collaborative technology is critical to the global adoption of time exchange. The timetech ecosystem

The use of Blockchain at timetech will throw open intriguing possibilities by allowing corporate CSRs, non-profit agencies and all organisations that are currently involved in any timesharing program anywhere in the world. They can participate in a platform where their users can exchange their time credits with a global community of givers and receivers using a time exchange token – the timetech token. An ecosystem of self-governing smart contracts can be created in the public domain and will unleash new ways of embedding philanthropy. This will explore new ways for charities to perform their activities for exchange of time credits. An Ethereum client application will be developed to enable the partners in the ecosystem viz: CSR programs, time exchanges, non-profit agencies to connect to the timetech blockchain. We will develop API’s defined in the public domain along with a specific set of smart contracts and will establish time transactions that are to be effected between these entities. Specific solidity applications will be developed to manage the wallet transaction including donations, transfers and conversions for the stake holders and users. The timetech token transactions will be authenticated by designated partners through a proof of authority consensus mechanism on a consortium blockchain. Once this process is well established, it will be opened to the public to enable anyone to authenticate transactions and to become part of the timetech blockchain. ERC 20 wallets of the stakeholders will allow for timetech token transactions to be effected. Timetech foundation will promote timetech token incentives to build a developer community that can work closely with stakeholders to scale our ecosystem, drive integration on the timetech platform and aid the adoption of standard API’s that can encourage time exchange activity across the globe. A true socially conscious public blockchain!




Token name: timetech
Token symbol: TTEC
Token type: ERC20
Function: A conversion rate between timetech and hourtime will be decided periodically by the timetech Foundation Council.
Tokens issued for public sale: 2,500,000,000 (2.5 billion)
Target fund-raise: USD25million
ICO token price: 1.00TTEC = USD0.01
Bonus Private Sale Bonus (Q2/Q3 2018): 30%
ICO date: Q3/Q4 2018 (subject to confirmation)

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New market expansion (35%) Timetech will be expanding into new territories through the community network and joint ventures. IT development (25%) Building the world’s first social equaliser for the exchange of time on blockchain will require resources to build the network. Sales & marketing (15%) Timesharing is a way of life for some, whereas for others it is a new concept. Wherever possible we will use our community to help market the timesharing concept. Administration, operations & legal (15%) Timetech is operating a cost-effective start-up but at the same time adhering to high standards of corporate governance and policies. Contingency reserve (10%) No matter how diligently we manage timetech, there are sometimes unforeseen situations out of our control that require immediate actions to avoid delays in our services.